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"Finish in 4" is a great read; short and to the point for high school students entering the grown up world of college. I wish I had this book as a freshman. Life would have been much easier. I strongly believe every college should buy this book for their incoming freshmen, during Freshmen Orientation. I enjoy the helpful tips at the end of each chapter and the big brother/sister/mentor style of writing as a preventive yet informative style of writing. Honestly, why hasn't anyone thought of writing a book like this before now. "Finish in 4" is the perfect toolbox for maneuvering through a higher education system unlike the elementary standards high school students are leaving behind. This step by step guide is a must have gift and purchase to anyone aspiring to a higher education degree. This book is anything short of brilliant. Thanks to the author.  

-Petrina Oct, 2012

This book was a quick read with TONS of practical advice. Finish in 4 should be resource guide for any incoming freshmen or those already attending a University. If you're looking for advice that can make an actual difference in your college experience and graduation, THIS IS IT! 

-Graduate Dreamer May, 2012

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